Machine learning presents a huge growth opportunity for online retailers. With machine learning, eCommerce companies can boost sales, reduce waste, and increase overall efficiency while actively engaging with consumers.

Here is a short list of publicly available data that you can experiment with:

To deploy your serverless API in production, you need the following minimal access for your IAM User:

  • AWS Lambda Full Access
  • Cloud Formation Full Access
  • EC2 Full Access
  • S3 Full Access
  • API Gateway Administrator Access
  • IAM Full Access

WARNING: Make sure to remove those access once you finished to deploy it!

I spent a lot of time of finding the right information to write our own competency matrix for my current company. So in this short post, i will share you good links that talk about it.

Otherwise, I think a competency matrix depend of the company context, and maybe geographical, culture context, so do not hesitate to customize it.

Stanislas Randriamilasoa

CTO at SmartPredict

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